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Meera from Prana Coaching

My Journey

Today it’s easy for life to get the better of us. Constant daily life, family and social pressures cloud what’s truly important to us. Naturally we start forgetting about what we truly need. I found myself in this very same situation. I have always worked with people and that’s where my journey began, without me even knowing it.

I graduated with a HR degree and thrived in a corporate workplace doing what I loved – helping others! I was in my element. I felt a buzz of excitement of facing challenges head on and focusing my time and energy on making a difference in people’s life in the workforce. However, I soon felt a void inside and it made me wonder. After all, I was doing what I love!

That’s when it hit me. I was focusing my time and energy on companies, and not on helping and developing individuals themselves. I could be using my strengths on another level within my own business.

My Turning Point

Not only was something starting to buzz inside of me, I also started to realise the corporate world was no longer for me. On the off chance, I met a friend for coffee one morning who suggested I explore the idea of coaching. After some talk I realised this is what I had been looking for. So, I signed up for a two-day seminar. Little did I know; Prana Coaching was now in the making.

In a matter of months, I completed two diplomas – a Personal Performance Diploma and a course in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Prana Coaching is Born

I knew then and there this is where I can ignite my passion again, but in a different way. I felt the buzz and excitement again! I felt this is where I belong, making a difference in people’s lives again. This time however, my purpose was to help people reach their true potential and ignite their inner fire.

So here I am today. Here’s my chance to showcase the real me. To work with clients who want to overcome the same obstacles that I had, and to learn about making positive changes in their lives. Therefore, it was so important to me to choose a name for my business that incorporated my true essence, spirituality, and methods for unlocking new and improved levels of wellbeing. The word Prana means ‘life force’ in Sanskrit and is the primary energy that infuses and vitalises all matter.

Live and Learn Together

Prana represents the culmination of my ambition. I want to be able to share this gift with others through the services I provide. Whether it’s through one to one sessions, group sessions, or even on a retreat, Prana Coaching is here to help and guide you to find your true self.

Prana Praise

“I signed up to a course of help with Mira. At first I was sceptical as wasn’t sure what it entailed or what I would gain from it.

Mira immediately made me feel comfortable and under no pressure. She explained what the meetings would be about and how I could stop at any time I wanted if I felt uneasy.

After a few open questions for Mira to find out what I wanted to achieve I found it easy to talk to her and to open up. I found that what I believed was my initial problem was, was in fact no the problem but that it went deeper and with a little help was able to address it and see it in a more achievable way.

By the end of our sessions I felt more in control of my mind and how to move forward to make the changes happen.

I found Mira easy to talk to, and her manner reassuring.”

I signed up to a course of help with Mira. At first I was sceptical as wasn’t sure what it entailed or what I would Mira asks the right questions to lead me to very solid questions. She has helped me focus and prioritise in my life.

She is an active listener and she asks very subtle questions, she make you feel that you can tell her anything.

She has shown me better ways to deal with my issues in my life. Therefore I was able to look at problems in different ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions.

Every design she helped me to make with her right questions, are leading my life today in a calmer and happier way.”

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