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Neuro-Linguistic programming

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic programming. This is a unique approach to communication and personal development, which was created in California in the 1970s.

NLP is designed to help change thoughts and behaviours in order to achieve desired outcomes. Using perceptual, behavioural and communication techniques, NLP makes it easier for us to change those thoughts and behaviours which may be holding us back. By detecting and altering our unconscious biases and limitations, we can unlock a whole new side of ourselves.

Mira is a qualified NLP practitioner with a great deal of first-hand experience helping people feel more confident and self-assured, thanks to the benefits of Neuro-linguistic programming.

Is it for me?

If you feel you could benefit from more self-belief, a brand new attitude and way of looking at your career, or just a more empowered version of yourself, NLP might be for you.

How to start

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    Prana Praise

    “The coaching sessions were helpful in helping me achieve my goals, recognise my strengths and my challenges which helped me to harness my knowledge and skill while looking out and avoiding the things that would have undermine my goal.

    It felt more focused on the goal much more than Have been without my coaching sessions.

    Mira was able to create the safe environment which enabled me to feel free to explore and set goals. Her non-judgemental attitude was empowering and enabling.

    Mira helped me believe in myself.”

    “The coaching sessions were helpful in helping me achieve my goals, recognise my strengths and my challenges which “I have loved being a case study for Mira and the harmonising course. It has brought a much more positive, grateful and accepting manners my days. Mira herself has always remained a positive, calm and accommodating facility when I sometimes arrived fluster and/or tired.

    There are aspects that I practice daily in my mind and working on putting pen to paper in my journal to enabled reflection in future times.

    I give gratitude to Mira for offering me this opportunity of growth and harmony to Mira’s teacher to mother nature and powers above.”

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